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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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Industrial Networks News and Industry 4.0

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July 24, 2018

Kyland Industrial Communications Products

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Industrial Ethernet Book

News Siemens partners with Alibaba
To foster the IIoT in China, Siemens and Alibaba Cloud want to leverage each other's technology and industry resources. Full story

Azure IIoT gateway
Moxa is developing IIoT gateways that integrate Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, in order to accelerate the convergence of OT and IT. Full story

Advanced analytics software
IIoT advanced analytics software specialist Seeq Corporation has secured $23M in funding to fuel its growth strategy.Full story

POWERLINK OPC UA TSN: Security, Safety, Realtime Communication
Technology OPC UA in process automation
As industrial enterprises address the lifecycle challenges associated with distributed control systems (DCS) that are still running after decades of operation, many recognize the emergence of a major juncture in the evolution of control automation systems. This present juncture is met with numerous questions. For example, how do businesses refresh existing infrastructure yet advantage of rapid technological advances to improve production while protecting plant assets including the manufacturer′s intellectual property?
Full story

Why do manufacturers rely on Cisco from office to plant?
Case Studies Data-centric architectures for oil & gas
Networking technology is enabling a new generation of data-centric architectures which were not possible before in oil and gas applications. As sensors and connectivity expand at the physical layer, new systems will be able to take advantage of new infrastructure solutions and complete the path to full autonomy. Mark Carrier of RTI discusses why automation has become the holy grail of oil and gas and what are the key factors driving it.
Full story

Products Bosch condition monitoring :: Condition monitoring & PM

:: Managed network Switches

:: LoRaWAN Gateway

:: Connectivity for mobile devices

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Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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